A list of some of the latest groups at Centerpoint. Please click on the image of the group you're interested in to email the group leader for more information & how to join!

If you know someone who is angry, or if you struggle with anger yourself, this can be the start of gaining some victory over the hold anger has on your life.  Join pastors Mitch and Scott  for 6 weeks as they co-lead this group on  Wednesday evenings in the office lobby.  This group begins on June 16th
A small group for moms of young children to receive support, encouragement, and prayer. This is a safe space for moms to remember that they are not crazy or alone, and be able to have conversations with grown ups! This group meets Fridays from 10am - 11am in the Basement of Building A (childcare is provided).
Led by Pastor Scott, this class will help you apply Scriptural truths to your life so you can show your faith to others in just 5 weeks. This group meets at 9:15am  in Room C1.