Breakthrough Prayer

Jul 11, 2021    Dane Aaker

We’re looking at the power of bold, trust-filled prayer this week. Have you ever been in a period of ongoing earnest prayer? Maybe God answered exactly in the way you were hoping, maybe He didn’t answer at all yet; or maybe He did answer, but in a way, you didn’t expect at all. As we continue through the Book of Acts, we see a story of supernatural endurance and another of supernatural deliverance. As we study this section of Scripture, we are able to see why we can be emboldened to change the way we pray over our own circumstances, with faith and power. How do we deal with seemingly impossible situations? Why do we need to learn to pray boldly? What are some keys to breakthrough prayer? No matter the circumstance, we are reminded that God is faithful. Watch as we learn how to bring any problem that crosses our path to our Heavenly Father with absolute trust as we continue our series.