Third Missionary Journey

Aug 15, 2021    Dane Aaker

Over the past few weeks, we’ve dug into Paul’s early missions in the book of Acts. Those missions resulted in a lot of people getting saved, but that time in Paul’s life was not without struggle and pain. Just last week, we read about Paul being beaten and thrown in jail and then using the opportunity he had where he was, to lead the jailer to Christ! As we pick up in Acts 19, we will see that Paul continues to face adversity, just as we do in our own journeys. This week, we are going to look at the ways our enemy often attacks us as well as three ways we can have victory over evil. How does the evil one attack people today? What does Scripture warn us about in regards to identifying and avoiding evil? Why don’t we need to fear the demonic world? Watch as we dive into the Word for answers as we continue our series!