John the Baptist

Oct 1, 2023    Dane Aaker, Danica Ng

We’re looking at a difficult story in the Gospels this week. It’s a story where Jesus doesn’t deliver His cousin John from the hands of a wicked king. When John ultimately suffers at the hands of this king, meeting with the fate of death, we can find ourselves wondering at the injustice. Why didn’t Jesus perform a miracle and save him when He had the power to do so? Even though we face less extreme circumstances, we also can often be inclined to ask why we don’t see a miracle when we need one. How do we handle the difficult times when we don’t have an answer to our prayers? What is the link between supernatural endurance and supernatural deliverance? How do we hold on when God allows us to suffer? Join us for a message that will give us the hope and encouragement to persevere through the tough seasons of life as we continue our series.