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Jesus Fights Temptation

Jan 16, 2022    Dane Aaker
We all have sins that we struggle with and sins that have entangled us. Although constant struggles with temptation have the potential to lead to despair, just imagine how wonderful it would be to have victory over our temptations and eliminate those sins from our lives. As we continue our study through the Gospels, we are going to take a look at the ways Jesus defeated temptation and see how, by following His example, we can too. How did Jesus resist temptation? What sins in life have we been tolerating for too long? How can Scripture help us to fight our temptations? Everything that Jesus did modeled what is possible for us too, and with God’s help, it is possible to have victory over sin! Join us as we learn how to develop a deeper affection for God and choose to resist our own temptations as we continue our series.