Jun 13, 2021    Dane Aaker

This weekend we’re taking a look at the life of one of the most godly men in the Bible. Over and over again Stephen is described as being full of the Holy Spirit; he knew the Word of God well and spoke with Spirit-led wisdom. Stephen even died a Christ-like death, forgiving his enemies even as they were killing him. Why aren’t there more Christians like Stephen today? God wants to make all of us into His image, but there is a struggle in the spiritual world that many are blind to, leading us to believe lies that stand our spiritual growth. How do we know that we growing spiritually? What do we need to do to look more like Jesus? What is the next step we need to take in order to grow spiritually? Watch as Pastor Dane clears up some of the lies that hinder us, and explains how Centerpoint is here to help us grow to become more like Christ as we continue our series.